What’s New

The Online Academy PBS Modules have a new home on the Association for Positive Behavior Support Web site(www. apbs.org)

Online Academy PBS Modules

The purpose of this web site is to provide free access for those interested in using the Online Academy Positive Behavior Support (PBS) Modules for technical assistance purposes

About the Online Academy PBS Modules
The Online Academy PBS modules were developed with support from a grant by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs. Over 127 colleges and institutes of higher learning downloaded Online Academy modules across the U.S. for preservice teacher training.
Important Information about the Modules

These modules are free for any trainers who are interested in supplementing their current training or classes in positive behavior support. In addition, individuals interested in learning more about PBS are welcome to use the modules. If you are planning on training a large number of students at one time, please notify Rachel Freeman at the University of Kansas (email: rfreeman@ku.edu). This will assist the technology supports at the University of Kansas to monitor traffic and ensure professionals are able to access the modules effectively.

The site is not intended to allow professionals to make monetary gain by selling the use of these modules to others.

For more information about the Online Academy, go to http://elearndesign.org/papers.html to view published articles about the Online Academy.

To view other Online Academy Modules go to http://elearndesign.org/resources.html